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Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions

AITS provide automated tools and solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and innovative analytics, to create empowering change for a better world.

Our technology is used to provide business intelligence and solve critical challenges, while ensuring that ethics and safety are of high priority.

AI-Powered Office Management Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency

Integrates the workflow application of people working together to improve the management efficiency and business efficiency within the company.

Secure access control

Multi-way access via facial recognition, app, QR or PIN code

Meeting room and desk booking

Fuss-free booking to facilitate flexible and hybrid workplace

Secure locker

Flexible smart lockers for secure, efficient and hygienic use

Visitor and workforce management

For registration, scheduling, attendance recording, safety controls, and analytics


Social Distancing wearable devices with vibration, sound or led light alerts

Thermal Scanning

Autonomously measure temperature and screen for fever and mask-free users


For monitoring room utilization and the capacity limits in a space


Intelligent AV Diagnostics and Management for optimal experiences

Intelligent Building Management

Enabling a building to function efficiently in a digitally connected world. Improving the performance of the systems, your building relies upon every day not only reduces operating costs, but often enables the people inside the building to work smarter too.her to improve the management efficiency and business efficiency within the company.

Smart Carpark

For significant cost savings and efficiency increase for car park operators and building owners alike.

Smart Lift Access

Move faster with our fully automated elevators that transports you to your floor touch-free.

Smart Waste Management

Data-driven waste management to optimize collection services with fill-level sensors and object classification.

Intelligent Security Solutions

Gain intelligent security analytics for insight into your most critical cyber threats. Gain centralised visibility into organisation wide security data.

IoT and Wireless Security

Protect your enterprise’s airspace, IoT and smart-connected devices by detecting malicious activities.

Intelligent AI CCTV

Adding security indoors or outdoors, featuring motion and behavior detection to give you complete visibility 24/7.

Virtual Command Center

SafeGuard allows you to stream mission-critical information and enhance real-time collaboration and situational awareness.

We Innovate To Empower You

Our tailor-made AI-powered systems and machine learning technology enable clients to automate processes and collect, analyze and make sense of complex data

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