Artificial Intelligence for Hotels

Guests tend to remain loyal to a hotel brand if they have had a great experience. This loyalty is a crucial factor in generating revenues and hotel recommendations. While larger hotel chains have access to more data to maximize their profits, smaller hotels often struggle to achieve the same success in terms of earnings, reputation, […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming and Updating the Business Models of Hospitality Industry

Artificial Intelligence has evolved over the years and has become an essential tool in many industries, including the hospitality industry. Hoteliers and other hospitality businesses are already adopting AI tools and systems to maximize their efficiency or find more revenue-boosting avenues. According to a report published by in 2021, they predicted that the use […]

Hospitality Industry to Revolutionize with AI-Powered Technology

The hospitality industry has been impacted by the advancement of technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI allows computers and robots to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, learning from experience and adjusting to new inputs. The hospitality industry has been using AI to enhance customer experience, optimize occupancy and hotel rates, improve reputation, automate […]