Single Intelligent Workplace System

chope AI workplace management system

Single Intelligent Workplace System

Revolutionize and modernize your access control and workplace solutions on a single platform. This will be  the only intelligent workplace solution you need to run your business with the flexibility and function you require.


Minimal hardware

No need for any additional equipment/ cards/ panels/ keys/ tablets

Convenience and real-time data

Everything to the cloud on one web-based platform anytime, anywhere. Easier manpower resource planning

Interoperable and extensible

Works with any existing access control solutions and enables you to plan and scale for the future.

Automate and digitize processes

Simplify, streamlined process that saves time for both administrators and users.


Depending on what system(s) you already have, you’ll want whichever of our solutions that you choose to be able to integrate with them. Specifically, with anything that affects business operations across departments.

Solution Modules:

Perform all this on one simplified intuitive and seamless cloud platform.

01. Facial Recognition Door Access

Advanced facial recognition technology enabled by AI and machine learning.

How it works

Designed to replace manual key car access and registration. Do away with troublesome access cards

Once the user’s identity is verified through the CHOPE.AI app or Facial Recognition Panel, a signal is sent to the EM Lock to open the door.

Never get locked out of your office or home because you’ve forgotten your access cards again.

Key benefits


Touch-free contactless experience


High performance, super-fast verification (0.3 sec)

Facial recognition

Facial recognition and mask detection


Temperature reading

Enhanced security

Anti-spoofing and data encryption

Types of access settings

Different types of access settings can be set based on time, physical zones, user groups for staff and guests

Captured and viewed

Data that is auto captured and can be viewed as a report: attendance, clock in and clock out time, occupancy tracking, temperature

Easy to manage and operate

Cloud-based web platform. Remote viewing and control via mobile app and web platform


Integration with your existing access control systems

02. Room Booking and Hotdesking Solution


CHOPE AI’s fast and easy-to-use Resource Booking Solution lets you secure the space you need, any time you need it.

Key benefits

Interactive map interface

Easily find, book and real-time meeting information via an interactive map interface on your own devices.


Enables effective management and planning of meetings.

Access workflow

Trigger visitor access workflow upon invitation.


Integration with Outlook.

Business decision-making

Occupancy data makes business decision-making processes simpler and helps to plan space in a better way.

Management dashboard

Provides real-time overview information about users, space usage and availability, admin controls and reports.

03. Visitor and Workforce Management System

smart waste management

Ensures safety and security

Ensures safety and security for employees, contractors, and essential visitors – wherever they work – through our Visitor and Workforce Management Solution. Cut out time-consuming and manpower-intensive processes.

It provides leading enterprise workforce management software for employee scheduling, time & attendance, health and safety controls, alerting, as well as analytics.

Key benefits

Safeguard Your Office Security

Better Time Tracking

Simpler scheduling

Reduces Visitor Processing Time

Proper Identification & Tracking of Visitors

Easy Retrieval of Visitor Records

Screening of Blacklisted Visitors

Ensure Compliance with company Policies

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04. Secure Locker System

Discover New Things

Advanced facial recognition technology enabled by AI and machine learning.

Customizable and modular solution

Our Secure Locker System is a customizable and modular solution designed to be modified as your business requirements change. Powered by a secure enterprise-level platform, deep integration with your business processes is possible.

Improve customer experience, reduce operational costs, monitor and track important assets. Our Secure Locker System is the optimal choice for offices, schools, shopping malls, hospitals etc. Thanks to the platform being cloud enabled, it is also well suited for cities and communities as well as tenant and visitor use cases.

Key benefits


Any locker can be converted into a Secure Locker

Flexible locker solution

Flexible locker solution that can be a shared resource in hybrid working spaces


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