Intelligent AI CCTV

Intelligent AI CCTV

Smarter Surveillance CCTV Cameras

Smarter Surveillance and CCTV Cameras

The amount of CCTV data generated can simply not be handled by human capacities anymore, which is why we have to rely on technology and analyse security footage on an action-triggered basis.

Get alerted, in real-time, when something requiring attention occurs.

Cameras with AI capabilities are more powerful and delivers better results such as analysis and security using deep learning technology.

How does it work?

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Smarter Surveillance and CCTV Cameras


Simple, non-disruptive deployments for existing IP cameras systems.


Video is captured by network camera with high-accuracy detection and identification.


Edge processing reduce the load on the system and the server resulting in a high efficiency and accuracy system.


A real-time easy to use dashboard provides a full overview of all connections and offers granular control over the entire system.


Faster footage and action processing

Immediate alarms and notifications

Lower total cost of security infrastructure

Flexible and adaptable analytical modules according to your ever-changing business needs.

About AITS

AITS aims to provide revolutionary technology to spaces; by pushing workspaces and even leisure spaces to a frontier that almost no other company has done before, we want to ease the hassle of both daily recreational and working life. Armed with decades of experience, AITS was formed to bring convenience and simplicity through the use of AI.

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