IoT and Wireless Security

IoT and Wireless Security

In today’s smart-connected world, this solution delivers an enterprise-grade defense for your airspace that protects you from IoT – and wireless-borne attacks.

Vulnerable interfaces, unprotected storage, hardcoded backdoors, unencrypted communications, open hotspots, unmanaged or public wireless networks and insecure pairing procedures can be exploited.

How does it work?

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Protects you from IoT – and wireless-borne attacks

Total visibility of your Airspace

Quickly and easily identifies, monitors, and protects all the smart-connected devices operating in and around your business.

Proactive Threat Detection

Accurately identifies vulnerabilities and threats from smart-connected devices that are active in your environment.

Real-time Attack Mitigation

It prevents malicious IoT activity and policy violations, in real time, to keep your business protected.

About AITS

AITS aims to provide revolutionary technology to spaces; by pushing workspaces and even leisure spaces to a frontier that almost no other company has done before, we want to ease the hassle of both daily recreational and working life. Armed with decades of experience, AITS was formed to bring convenience and simplicity through the use of AI.

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