SafeRange: Social Distancing Solution

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Key Benefits:

SafeRange devices to ensure sufficient space between users

  • Easy Workforce Adoption
  • Manage social distancing awareness
  • Increase compliance with increased transparency of distancing breaches
  • Restore trust and engagement
  • Reduce Contact Tracing time
  • Location Tracking(optional)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) rechargeable long battery life devices
  • Adjustable parameters: distance, group control, alert mode, history and interaction recording
Social distancing Solution

How it works:

360-degree Managed Service

Top 3 things you need to know about SCAN2i

01. Assign

Unique ID’s are used to match users to a SafeRange wearable. Wearables are then deployed to the workforce or users.

02. Capture

  • Using specified measurements, the wearable continuously captures “interactions” when within a specific distance of another wearable.
  • The devices measures the distance of another user and would vibrate, light up or emit a beep as a warning to re-establish safe distance. Time taken for event to be triggered is configured according to your choice.
  • SafeRange captures the interaction with full data security and protection of personal privacy.

03. Trace

  • Interactions and user data is viewable on our real-time web dashboard. Enables rapid contact tracing in the event a team member or visitor becomes infected.
  • Identify those at high risk, based on history, with our user-friendly dashboard.
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