Smart Carpark Solution

360 AI Camera

Occupancy Information

Seamless Payment Gateway

Vehicle License Plate Detection

Intelligent Carparks

Turn your camera feed into an intelligent parking sensor easily. We pair cameras and sensors with gantries, feature displays with a powerful and intuitive web-based platform providing you with 24/7 data regarding occupancy, parking violations and traffic monitoring.

Key benefits:


Increased security and safety for occupants and visitors alike with video analytics

AI-powered CCTV

Various image recognition modules available to optimise efficiency

Real-time Alerts

Receive alerts when pre-defined violations take place

Vehicle License Plate Detection

Accurate automated vehicle license plate detection frees up manpower

Find Parking Faster‚Äč

With occupancy status of parking spaces

Central Dashboard

Manage activities and identify usage trends via the user-friendly dashboard

Empowering change for a better world

AITS aims to provide revolutionary technology to spaces; by pushing work and leisure spaces to a frontier that no other company has done before. Armed with decades of experience, AITS was formed to bring convenience and simplicity through the use of AI.

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