Smart Lift Access Solution

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Enhance your building access security

Zero-touch access solution using Facial Recognition allows users to pass through your lobby’s security gate and seamlessly go up to their authorised floor using the lift without touching any buttons.

How does it work?

User’s face is enrolled via webcam or image file. Specify which floor the user can access in the user profile settings

User gets into the elevator and scans their face on the face recognition panel installed on top/beside of the floor buttons panel. The user is only allowed to exit at the floor that is authorized for his access.

The administrator will be able to control, monitor and generate daily, monthly and yearly access log reports.

Key benefits:


Face recognition is based on the unique biometric of each person and cannot be cloned. AI can distinguish between a person’s real face and a printed photo.


No more hassle of forgetting to bring access cards or ID.


We have taken hygiene into account as coronavirus pandemic has prompted demand for non-contact methods for moving around inside buildings and facilities

Identify blacklisted persons

Get prompted when a blacklisted person is verified. You can easily control who can enter which lift, at which floor and at what time at your fingertips with our user-friendlier role-based access control.

Reduced manpower

Reduce cost and time of manpower for front desk receptionists and security personnel

About AITS

AITS aims to provide revolutionary technology to spaces; by pushing workspaces and even leisure spaces to a frontier that almost no other company has done before, we want to ease the hassle of both daily recreational and working life. Armed with decades of experience, AITS was formed to bring convenience and simplicity through the use of AI.

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