Optimizing the AV Ecosystem for Classrooms

Classrooms are where learning and development happen which is why it is critical to have all the appropriate tools and processes on hand. This ensures that students are receiving a high-quality education that will prepare them for their future.


Technology has been a huge disruptor when it comes to traditional processes in various industries, including the education sector. In fact, the integration of Audio-Visual systems in classrooms has been found to be effective in boosting students’ academic performance across different groups.


How AV Can Enhance Classroom Systems

As students and teachers return to their classrooms, there is a strong need to make collaboration spaces more engaging and interactive with an emphasis on end-user safety and convenience.


Research has shown that there are positive, direct correlations between the implementation of Audio Visual (AV) enhancements in classroom systems and the improvement of students’ academic performance across various year groups.


There are several ways that audio enhancement and video installation can benefit students and teachers at your education facility, including:


1. Improved Task Behavior and Concentration

2. Reduction of Teachers’ Vocal Fatigue

3. Active Participation from Students

4. Better Behaved Students

5. Fewer Distracted Students


Importance of Innovation in Education

Innovation involves a different way of looking at problems and solving them. It also improves education because it compels students to use a higher level of thinking to solve complex problems. Innovation does not just mean the use of technology or new inventions, though these can contribute to innovation. Innovation involves a new way of thinking, thereby helping students develop their creativity and problem-solving skills.


In addition, it can also lead to better overall outcomes in the education sector. Students that are immersed in an innovative classroom have developed better communication skills and engagement capabilities when it comes to their peers. With personalized learning and differentiated opportunities, educators will be able to prepare students to be more competitive in the global business industry in the future.


With the world shifting towards implementing technological advancements, it is important for the education sector to create an environment that supports and fosters innovators as well as educational entrepreneurs. Innovation in education has never been more important today not just for students and learners, but for parents, teachers, and educators as well.


How Your Organization Can Have an Optimal AV Ecosystem?

Integrating an AV ecosystem in the classroom needs careful consideration in order to maximize its effects. There are a few steps that must be addressed and these are:


Assess Physical Space

Before you set up your AV ecosystem, you need to assess your current space to see what other ways to use it. Knowing how to maximize the space is critical to choosing the right AV ecosystem to implement.


Identify User Needs

It is important to identify target users and what their current needs are in order to choose and build the best facility for their use. For example, classrooms will need sound systems too to help teachers reduce their vocal fatigue while ensuring that students will hear them properly.


Reactive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance

System downtime can negatively impact an organization, both big and small. Reduce downtime and disruptions with regular maintenance, or by adopting predictive maintenance whereby equipment failure can be detected before they happen.


What is SCAN2i?

Setting up an AV ecosystem in a classroom is just one part of having a robust Audio-Visual system. You also need to consider how you are going to manage and maintain them. Running your equipment to failure might mean that you are maximizing its lifespan, but it can also have a detrimental effect on classrooms and offices. Just imagine having your AV systems break down during a presentation or a conference. The best way to avoid this is to have a dedicated management portal that will monitor all your AV hardware to ensure that they are running smoothly. This is what SCAN2i is all about.


SCAN2i is a single-pane management portal that supports real-time management of your entire AV ecosystem. Using Artificial Intelligence as the backbone of this platform, SCAN2i is capable of conducting real-time monitoring, failure diagnostics, as well as predictive maintenance of all your AV hardware to ensure that everything is running smoothly.


Features of SCAN2i

Transforming the classroom into an innovative environment requires the implementation of the right tools like an AV system. It is important that all equipment is running optimally to maximize its function. With SCAN2i, you can expect the following features:


On-Demand System Health Checks

SCAN2i makes it easier for users to conduct a real-time assessment of all AV equipment installed in a classroom or office space.


Instant Diagnostic Analysis

Determine which equipment is not functioning optimally in order to address the issue immediately.


Predictive Maintenance

SCAN2i can predict when maintenance should be conducted to ensure that all AV systems are working at an optimal pace. This reduces long downtime which can affect classroom activities or important meetings and conferences by educators.


Full Visibility of All Audio Visual Devices

This 360 degrees AV maintenance program will give you easy access to all of your Audio Visual devices in a single-pane management system. This gives users full control over all their hardware at any time of the day.


Data and Usage Trend Analytics

SCAN2i helps with analyzing the usage of all AV systems through real-time monitoring. This data can help give insights as to how to improve AV hardware throughout the facility.


Why SCAN2i is Essential in an AV Ecosystem?

There are several advantages when pairing your AV ecosystem with SCAN2i by Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITS).  Here are a few that you should know of:


Single Diagnostic Dashboard

SCAN2i has a single diagnostic dashboard where all pertinent information is found. Not only does this help in streamlining processes, but it also reduces the manpower required for maintaining all AV hardware installed in the classrooms. This single-browser user interface makes it easier to monitor and assess all equipment regularly.


360 Degrees Managed Service

No need to worry about sudden downtime during class time or during conferences. SCAN2i’s 360 degrees managed service makes it easier to monitor all hardware and pinpoint any potential issues before they worsen. This includes vulnerability management wherein any vulnerabilities will be detected and solved with the aid of this technology.


Instant Diagnostics

Another reason why SCAN2i is essential in an AV ecosystem is that it provides instant diagnostics on multiple types of equipment simultaneously. It can quickly detect which hardware is having issues and even provide recommendations on how to solve them. With a remote and on-site maintenance team on hand, any issues will be resolved immediately.


Prevent Unnecessary Downtime

SCAN2i sends out notifications to users if the hardware is detected to be having issues. This notification will be sent out weeks or months before the problem completely manifests. This helps in taking steps in ensuring that the hardware is running smoothly.


Ease of Integration

SCAN2i’s ease of integration is beneficial to the education industry as it can be seamlessly integrated with existing programs. This means that it will not take long before this diagnostic tool will be up and running.


Why Choose AITS?

AITS has been taking steps to further enhance workspaces using advanced technology. With Artificial Intelligence being the backbone of all workplace solutions available, shifting to digital infrastructure will not be difficult to do. Our AI-based solutions will ensure that your organization’s digital transformation will be done quickly and seamlessly.


Educators who are looking for innovative tools to enhance their education system can rely on AITS to deliver smart solutions to their technology. AV systems are best paired with a real-time diagnostic tool that will keep your hardware operational. There is no need to second-guess when your AV tools will break down. With SCAN2i, you will be able to keep track of their health and get notifications if there is any hardware that is breaking down.


AITS Delivers AI Support to Classrooms

AITS has been creating AI-based solutions that are geared toward improving our way of life. With organizations from various industries taking part in digital transformation, it is not surprising that many are in need of innovative tools that will help them implement a robust digital infrastructure. AITS guarantees that our reliable AI-based solutions are ideal for your needs.


Aside from SCAN2i, there are other AI solutions that are available. Among these are CHOPE AI for facial recognition and room and hotdesking booking as well as SmartBins to name a few. Each one of these systems is designed to streamline processes, reduce costs and resources, and ensure that all systems are running smoothly.


To tap into the potential of AI and harness its transformative power, small businesses need access to expert guidance and cutting-edge resources. By embracing the new tools and innovations, and finding experts who can help you navigate the best ways to use the technology in your business, you’re sure to stay ahead in the new world of work.

Ready to propel your business into the future of AI? Contact us at sales@aitssg.com to find out more about the services we offer.

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