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Returning to the Office in 2022: Are You Prepared to Deal with the New Normal?

With the workforce slowly returning to the office in 2022, everyone should feel safe and secure at work. Covid-19 safety and concerns should be the top priority for returning to the office. In our new normal, this requires fundamental changes to the workplace as we know it.

Companies need to put their employees’ safety at the forefront of their business as 2022 rolls in. Traditional security measures – presenting employee’s ID at the door, checking bags, or monitoring using CCTV – are no longer enough to ensure that the workplace is safe for everyone.

Since the pandemic is an invisible disease that can be transferred from one person to the next, companies must consider what “returning to office measures” they need to put in place to assure their workers and visitors that they are safe.

Safety Protocols to Consider in the Workplace

Office spaces are hotbeds for germs and viruses because of the volume of people that come and go. They also pass through common entry ways like security checkpoints, lobbies, and elevators. With the pandemic still ongoing, companies need to take Covid-19 into account when opening their offices to their employees once more.

There are several safety protocols that can be employed in an office space such as:

Plan for Remote Work

Hybrid workplace is becoming the norm where employees can now work from home. This is the simplest way of preventing the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace. Companies are allowing their workers to work from home while others have specific schedules on when they need to report to the office physically. This can be applied in your place of business too. Finding the right balance between going to the office and working from home for your employees can help reduce the spread of the virus in your building.

Reduce Occupancy at the Office

Practicing social distancing at the office is possible. One way to do this is to reconfigure how desks and cubicles are set up in each department to have more open spaces in between. Many employees feel more comfortable in this kind of setup since it means fewer chances of bumping into one another. What’s more, the less contact surfaces to worry about, the better it will be for safety and health protocols to be implemented.

Install More Wash Stations

Health experts have recommended that people wash and disinfect their hands regularly to avoid the spread of Covid-19. This simple health protocol must be imposed in the workplace by ensuring that there are enough wash stations and disinfecting products available for employees. Remind your workers of proper hygiene in the office and the importance of disinfecting as much as possible.

Regular Disinfection

Another health and safety protocol that can be done to ensure everyone’s safety is regular disinfection of the office space. Pay special attention to high traffic areas especially when you are entertaining visitors to your workplace. This way, you are reducing the chances of the virus spreading inside the building as much as possible.

Install Touchless Technology

A lot of people are no longer comfortable when it comes to touching things. Just imagine all the surfaces in the office that are frequently touched – door handles, elevator buttons, shared computers, and so on. Even entry points in the office where ID cards are pressed on scanners can be a source of anxiety for many.

That said, this is the perfect time to take advantage of touchless technology in the workplace to heighten not just your security but also safety measures. One example of this is the Smart Workforce Management System by Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITS).

Introducing the Smart Workforce Management System

AITS’ automated management system for workforce management is a valuable solution for companies that are in need of contactless technology in the workplace. This system fully automates the entry point in the business while ensuring that only employees who are using their masks and have normal temperatures are allowed on the premises.

Among the features that you can take advantage of are:

Mask and Temperature Detection

You don’t need to have a security guard take everyone’s temperature upon arrival. Our system employs facial recognition and temperature checks to determine if your personnel is wearing a mask and has a normal body temperature. Entry is not allowed if any of these requirements are not met. The built-in automated temperature screening prevents anyone, employees and visitors alike, from entering the premises when they have a fever.

Multi-Way Access

There are multiple options to choose from on how you want your employees to access your office space using our zero-touch technology. For example, facial recognition panels can be installed in entryways so employees can simply use their facial features to access the building. You can even pair this with a PIN code or QR panel if you like for additional security measures, especially for visitors. Our system assists in visitor management through the use of QR codes when entering the facility.

Automatic Attendance Management

The workplace management system not only captures images of personnel entering the building but also inputs their name in the attendance sheet immediately. This reduces the workload of the administration when it comes to monitoring who among their employees were absent on that day. This feature also makes it convenient for your workers to clock in and out each day plus there is minimal contact with your security personnel.


This automated management system can work seamlessly with any access control solutions that are already in place. The panel is designed to store up to 10,000 facial images in the database for convenience.

Security and Privacy

AITS utilizes end-to-end encryption and stores data only for the sole purpose of recognizing facial features. All systems are fully compliant with privacy laws to ensure the safety and security of your employees’ personal information. Additionally, this automated solution is tamper-proof so there is less risk of hacking.


AITS customizes your workforce management system to meet your company’s needs. This means that AITS will sit and discuss with you what health and safety measures you are looking for and we’ll make it happen. You will also have full control over the data captured by the system through our cloud and on-premises solutions.

Easy Enrolment and Management

Enrolling your personnel’s facial features for the system is easy. Everything is streamlined so you can enroll your employees into the system without wasting a lot of time. Additionally, all data being recorded by our software will be available through a dashboard that you can use to monitor your employees and the current status of your office in terms of health and safety.

Contactless Tech is the New Norm in the Workplace

Employing zero-touch technology in the workplace is one way of reducing the risks of Covid-19 spreading among your personnel. Right from the start, you will be able to prevent anyone who is showing signs and symptoms of the disease from getting inside the building for everyone’s safety. Not only that, but you are removing unnecessary exposure to the danger especially to your security personnel since they no longer have to manually check everyone coming to the office.

Take note that structural and technological upgrades help boost confidence and peace of mind, enforce protocols, and track activity for a safer workplace. With AITS Workforce Management System, you’ll be able to:

Seamless Integration of Covid-19 Workplace Measures

This automated workplace solution expedites the entry and exit of all personnel while minimizing exposure upon entering the building. The touchless system not only reads and records facial features but also automatically takes body temperature at the same time. This way, there won’t be any hold-up at the entrance and exit.

Boost Productivity

Our Workforce Management System does more than just take temperatures and record facial features. It also supports the HR department when it comes to monitoring their employees’ attendance through automation. No need for manual checking to determine who was present at the office each day because everything will be recorded and accessible to the right personnel.


Investing in zero-touch technology is a cost-efficient approach to handling Covid-19 measures in the workplace. Instead of using multiple devices for temperature checks, ID readers, and whatnot, you can use contactless tech instead for a more streamlined and convenient approach in your office. Our Workforce Management System is affordable and gives you more control over who enters your premises while fully automating your HR department at the same time.

Returning to the office is inevitable for many businesses, but this doesn’t mean that health and safety protocols should not be in place. Companies should be looking to the future as the threat of the pandemic is not going to disappear any time soon. Aside from having your employees vaccinated, it is also necessary to put up safety measures in the office for everyone’s peace of mind.

Fortunately, AITS can provide you with a contactless workforce management system that will give you and your employees the confidence that the office is a safe environment for everyone.

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