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6 Benefits of Space Management

Businesses often consider space a precious commodity. It is essential for companies to ensure that all areas are appropriately utilized due to operation costs and the constant evolution of the workplace. This is where space management comes in.

What is Space Management?

Space management is used to control and manage an organization’s physical workspace. It involves tracking and managing occupancy and space. Space management is becoming more important than ever before, as it helps Facility and Space Managers not only use their space more cost-efficiently but also create the best possible employee experience and boost productivity levels.

The process of managing space in an office building requires accurate and reliable information to determine how the building is being utilized. This kind of information can be collected through Space Management Tools like the CHOPE AI solution by Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITS) and other solutions installed by the company. By providing visibility into the distribution and occupation density of all spaces, an organisation is able to respond quickly as situations change by adjusting to business expansion and shrinkage, efficiently managing departmental moves, and ensuring the space available is also used to its optimum efficiency.

Components of Space Management

There are four components associated with space management and these are:

Components of Space Management

When meetings are postponed or are cancelled. CHOPE.AI takes care of it too through seamless room synchronization. Members and admins will receive updates on any changes in their booking especially when it is postponed or cancelled. In the event that the booked meeting has been cancelled, CHOPE.AI will list the room as available and open for booking.

Insight Data

This refers to the trends and historical data about your office space gathered in a certain period of time. It also includes the associated costs with the rent paid during that time. All this information will be collected and analyzed to compile an accurate report.

Real-time Records

Data regarding occupancy and how the available space is being used is consistently recorded in real-time.

Space Utilization and Optimization

This is where analyzing both insight data and real-time records happens to determine the best way to improve the current usage of space in your office.

Reducing Costs

The goal of managing your space is not only to increase productivity but to reduce costs as well. You can do this by maximizing the function of available space in your office so you can get a return on your investments.

Benefits of Space Management

Here are six of the most important benefits that can be derived from managing your workspace.

1. Less Wasted Space

The most important benefit of doing space management is to ensure that the space available is maximized. It is not unusual for businesses to spend a premium for office space as their company grows and as more visitors drop by. No matter what the reason is, companies often settle with premium-priced office spaces for expansion or for relocation when they feel they do not have enough room in their existing building.


With the help of space management, companies will be in a better position to utilize the space available. Through insight data and real-time records of space utilization, you will be able to come up with better office planning to ensure that no area is wasted. On top of that, you can create a more energy-efficient workplace because you can divert your lighting and heating, and cooling system to areas that need them the most. This reduces spending on your end since you are creating a more energy-efficient and fully utilized space.

2. Determine How Each Space is Used

Space management will give you insight into which areas are often used and those that are rarely utilized. Through this system, owners will be able to see which areas receive heavy foot traffic and which ones don’t

Unused spaces in an office can cost you money for their upkeep and can also interfere with the productivity levels of your workers because there is not enough space available for them to use. For example, companies might break down under-utilized large meeting rooms into smaller huddle spaces based on room occupancy and usage data. Space management lets you address these unused areas in the building by making them available to your people or setting them up in a way that will allow your workers to be more productive.

3. Planning for Company Growth

Another benefit of space management is planning for your company’s growth. As the years go by, the number of workers will grow as well as the equipment that you will need to run your business. When this happens, more space will be needed to accommodate your expansion.

This won’t be a problem if you are using space management wherein you will be able to determine where to place your newly acquired assets and workers based on spatial data available. Through this program, you will be able to think ahead, not to mention be able to determine when space is really no longer available in your current headquarters.

4. Adapt to Modern Workspace

The workplace has certainly evolved over the years. Cramped cubicles and locked-down desks are becoming obsolete as workers are more interested in having flexible working environments. In fact, hybrid work scenarios are becoming the new normal in various companies because of the ongoing pandemic and it seems that it will be here to stay.

Being able to use intelligent workplace analytics at this crucial time can help your business be more flexible when it comes to managing your workspace based on the number of people who report to work in person.

Being able to use intelligent workplace analytics at this crucial time can help your business be more flexible when it comes to managing your workspace based on the number of people who report to work in person.

Since real-time information is being delivered, your departments will be able to utilize available spaces as needed. Fortunately, facilities management can be done with the aid of other technology like our Workforce Management System, which not only records employees entering the building but also records the number of people within your office space.

Additionally, CHOPE.AI is another tool that can be used in tandem with space management. This software lets you book a room or desk in your office for meetings or training through a contactless system. You and your personnel can book a room ahead of time to ensure that only a select number of personnel or guests will be able to access the space in a seamless and contactless manner. The best part, this software connects to your existing calendar system so that you will be reminded when there is an upcoming event.

5. Improve Employee Satisfaction

Another benefit of using space management software is that it helps improve employee satisfaction ratings. Happy employees tend to be more productive in their work. You can achieve this by providing them with a workspace in which they will feel comfortable and safe, especially in the light of the pandemic. This is what a space management system can provide you with.

Through intelligent analytics of your workplace, you will be able to come up with a plan on how to assign the different parts of your office space the right way. For example, hotdesking is the newest trend in offices as employees return to work on-site. Companies will provide employees with workstations that are available for anyone to book and use for the day. Hotdesking allows companies to utilize available space to the satisfaction of their employees. With the aid of space management, you can create a flexible work environment that will fulfill your type of work arrangements.

6. Protect the Health of Your Workers

The ongoing pandemic has given us a different perspective on how workspaces should be planned. With social distancing protocols being implemented both indoors and outdoors, workers who report on-site will feel more comfortable when their workspace is designed in a way that will reduce contact with others. This includes communal areas like lobbies, breakrooms, and even wash areas. Not taking this into account can affect your workers’ performance and even put them at risk of getting infected.

Integrating space management in your business can help you quickly and easily plan your workforce and allocate spaces for those who will be reporting in person. Not only that, but it can also be beneficial to those who are hot-desking or prefer a hybrid type of work setting.

By implementing space management practices, your employees will see that you value their health and safety too as they start going back to the office. This will earn their trust which, in turn, will make them willing to work in an office setting once more.

Space Management is Essential

Putting effort into managing your workspace through space management will be beneficial to you in the long run. Aside from giving your workers a flexible workspace that will cater to their needs, you are ensuring their safety as well. By planning the flow of your office space through this tool, you will be able to execute a more streamlined flow of entry and exit for employees and guests, not to mention utilizing every inch of space in the building.

Fortunately, space management can be incorporated or used together with various sensors and AI-based technology like our CHOPE.AI which adds to the efficiency of your business.

In these times when contact-free technology is encouraged to minimize unnecessary touching of commonly shared surfaces in order to reduce the risk of virus transmission, CHOPE AI provides unprecedented safety and convenience to workplace office solutions by bringing touch-free entry access, on-demand desk, and room booking, digital guest registration to reduce in-person contact, as well rich user data that will be useful for your business planning decisions and analysis. Just imagine how efficient and productive your entire workforce will be when you customize the workplace to suit both of your needs. Through this, you are putting your business ready for growth in these modern times.

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