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CHOPE.AI Makes Booking Meeting Rooms and Desks Fast and Efficient

The workforce has undergone a significant shift recently, with many businesses transitioning to remote work in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic. As the world begins to open up again with the rollout of vaccines, there will be another important shift. However, not all workers are willing to return to an office-based setting due to the ongoing threat of the virus.

Fortunately, companies are recognizing the benefits of a hybrid workplace, which combines in-person and remote work. This type of workplace setup is the best solution available, as it meets the needs of both employees and businesses.

There are several advantages to this workplace setup, such as:

  • Offers employees flexibility so they can choose what setup is ideal for them.
  • Business operations will continue even when there is disruption.
  • Increases productivity levels among peers.
  • Boosts employee satisfaction rating.

At Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITS), we can assist you in transitioning to a hybrid setup through our enterprise solutions, which utilize AI technology innovations such as CHOPE.AI.

What is CHOPE.AI?

CHOPE.AI is a solution that lets you book meeting rooms in a fast and efficient way. Among its features include:

  • Microsoft Outlook integration.
  • Seamless room synchronization: receive updates on the status of the meeting room once you finish booking.
  • Customization of rooms and locations: you can book desks and rooms that are user-specific so that the program will not book rooms that are in the other building or are not allowed to be used.
  • Schedule Management: Admins and managers will have access to the overall team schedule and have control over their own scheduling. Boost collaboration by allowing team members to book their choice of collaboration spaces with access to the right videos and collaboration amenities.
  • This room booking technology allows contactless access to be implemented including planning entries for visitors and making requests for devices required for ordering food. Elegant room booking panels come with an integrated RF reader and QR scanner.
  • Businesses can gain insights into their workplace and workforce by reviewing data on the AITS dashboard. This saves businesses space while boosting productivity.
  • Seamless integration with existing technology like sensors and access controls. This way, you will be able to incorporate this new tech with your current setup.
  • People counting and smart energy measurement to monitor resource usage.
  • Easy enrolment and management – simple enrolment and booking process for ease of use for admins and managers.

How It Works

CHOPE.AI works by having the user choose a desk or room to hold their meeting, plus the time and date when booking a meeting room/desk. To ensure that the capacity of the meeting room or desk is met, users will receive a prompt from the program to check into the meeting or end their booking to allow others to use the room. If the user does not show up for the meeting within a specified time, the booking will be canceled, and the space will be available for use.

When meetings are postponed or canceled, CHOPE.AI takes care of it too, through seamless room synchronization. Members and admins will receive updates on any changes in their booking, especially when they are postponed or canceled. In the event that the booked meeting has been canceled, CHOPE.AI will list the room as available and open for booking.

How can you get CHOPE.AI?

CHOPE.AI customers will receive the room booking feature and the Microsoft Outlook plugin free of charge. Our friendly technical engineers will handle all the setup configurations for your organization. This way, you will have a simple and streamlined AI technology solution for hosting meetings and hotdesking in your company that is customized for your needs.

This innovative technology will provide support to your business as you move into a hybrid workplace setup. Through CHOPE.AI, you will have complete control over booking rooms or desks in your office to host a meeting with your team members and visitors. You can enroll participants in the meeting through our simple booking and management system. Attendance will be recorded by determining the headcount, plus, the AI will prompt users to either log in to the meeting or end their booking so that others may use the area.

AITS understands the value of having a hybrid setup in the workplace. This is why we are constantly innovating AI systems and solutions that will help solve your needs for a convenient way to monitor your business and your personnel. With CHOPE.AI, not only will you save space in the office through hotdesking, but you will also help boost productivity levels by installing an AI-backed room/desk booking for your business.

Do you want to learn more about how you can integrate CHOPE.AI into your workplace? Take the first step with us by contacting us at +65 6909 3593, or schedule a consultation with us through our online contact form.

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